Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Pronouns and Uncountable Nouns

Some Common Noncount Nouns
a.    Whole groups made up of similar items; baggage, clothing, equipment, food, fruit, furniture, garbage, hardware, jewelry, junk, luggage, mail, money, cash, change, postage, traffic
b.    Fluids; water, coffee, tea, milk, oil, soup, gasoline, blood
c.    Solids; ice, bread, butter, cheese, meat, gold, iron, silver, glass, paper, wood, cotton, wool
d.    Gases; steam, air, smog, smoke, pollution
e.    Particles; rice, chalk, corn, dust, flour, grass, hair, pepper, salt, sugar, sand, wheat
f.     Natural Phenomena; weather, dew, fog, hail, heat, humidity, lightning, rain, sleet, snow, thunder, wind, darkness, light, sunshine, fire, electricity
Count Nouns
Pen-pens, apple-apples, baby-babies, city-cities, boy-boys, key-keys, wife-wives, knife-knives, dish-dishes, match-matches, box-boxes, tomato-tomatoes, potato-potatoes, zoo-zoos, radio-radios, child-children, foot-feet, man-men, goose-geese, mouse-mice, tooth-teeth, fish-fish, deer-deer, sheep-sheep, offspring-offspring, species-species


Personal Ponouns
Possessive Pronoun

Subject  Pronoun
Object Pronoun
Possessive Pronoun
Possessive Adjective
Reflexive Pronoun
First Person


Second Person


Third Person


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