Sunday, May 10, 2015

parts of linguistic aspects, categories, and terms.

Find out on parts of linguistic aspects, categories, and terms.
  1. If you work here, your evenings will be free.
  2. When I have $2000, I will go to South America.
  3. If I don’t phone you tomorrow you will start at one o’clock.
  4. She said that she was going to keep my pocket money.
  5.  He said that he hadn’t expected her to come early.
  6.  He told me that he couldn’t go out with them because his mother had kept his money.
  7. She said she often bought bread there in that shop.
  8. Tom asked whether she always watched.
  9. I wanted to know how much he earned.
  10. Can you tell me when the match starts?
  11. Here’s a photo which shows them on their wedding day.
  12. I can’t think about keeping fit because I’m extremely busy.
  13. Max had to buy new clothes because he’d lost a lot of weight.
  14. She didn’t recognize him because of the beard.
  15. He followed her since he didn’t believe her.
  16. The teachers were on strike so the school was closed.
  17. Both my wife and I work very hard.
  18. Either the bookings manager or her secretary made a mistake.
  19. I looked for Samantha at the bus station, but she arrived at the station before I arrived.
  20. Laura forgot her friend’s birthday, so she sent her a card when she finally remembered.
  21. When we won the state championship, the team captain jumped for joy, and the fans cheered.
  22. Mrs. Miller wants the entire house repainted.
  23. I like going out to parties or watching TV.
  24. Can you run faster than that?
  25. Emma needs a bigger computer.

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