Wednesday, October 14, 2015

How to begin an essay?


Title page: If the title requires two or more lines, double space the lines.
And write the title in capitals without underlining and enclosing it in quotation mark.
However, do underline published works that appear as part of your title.

Do not use a period after a centered heading.
Place your full name below the title, usually in the enter of the page.
Provide the course information or name of the institution, along with the date, centered below professor name. Employ separate lines for each item. Provide balanced, two inch margins for all sides of the title page.

Opening Page: You may omit the title page if you have no outline, or abstract, in which case you place identification in the upper left corner of your opening page.

Works Cited: First, the authors’ names should be in alphabetical order.
Second, the book name and full stop are put in quotation marks.
Third, published place and comma are in.
Last one is the year in which the book published.

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