Wednesday, October 14, 2015

How to improve your essay writing by using linking words?

1.    Once it stops raining, we will leave.
2.    Whenever I see her, I say hello.
3.    I will never speak to him as long as I live.
4.    We stayed there till we finished our work.
5.    I have known her ever since I was a child.
6.    By the time he arrived, we had left.
7.    As I was walking home, it began to rain.
8.    I will go swimming unless it’s cold.
9.    It was such a foggy day that we couldn’t see the road.
10. The coffee was so good that I had another cup.
11. It was cold. However, I still went swimming.
12. Because it was silly, we stayed home.
13. They smell alike. It looks like rain.
14. He works as a teacher for a catering company. He works as a slave.
15. If you need to reach me, I‘ll be at my uncle’s house.
16.  He asked where I went.
17.  He asked if I went.
18. She said that she was losing her weight.
19.  I know where Sue lives.
20. I don’t know if Sue will come or not.
21. I thanked the woman who helped me.
22. The man who I saw was Mr. Crane.
23. Mr. Crane has a painting whose value is inestimable.
24. The building where he lives s very old.
25. I‘ll never forget the day when I met you.
1.    Even if the weather is cold, I‘m going to go swimming.
2.    I‘m going to go swimming whether or not  it is cold
3.    I‘ll be at my uncle’s house in the event that/in case you need to reach me.
4.    Because of/Due to the cold weather, we stayed home.
5.    Due to the fact that the weather was cold, we stayed home.
6.    Al didn’t study. Therefore/Consequently, he failed the test.
7.    I turned off the TV so that/in order that my roommate could study.
8.    Though it was cold, we went swimming
9.    It was cold. Nevertheless,  went swimming
10. I went swimming in spite of/despite the cold weather.
11. I went swimming despite the fact that/ in spite of the fact that the weather was cold.
12. Mary is rich. John, on the other hand, is poor.
13. Mary is rich, while/ whereas John is poor.
14. I always eat breakfast. Otherwise, I get hungry during class.
15. It looks as if/as though it is going to rain.
16. My dad lets me drive his car. My mom helped me (to) wash my car
17. I made my brother carry my suitcase. (force)
18. I had the plumber repair the leak. (request)
19. The students got the teacher to dismiss class early.  (persuade)
20. The child hid behind his mum, for he was afraid of the dog.
21. She didn’t study, yet she passed the exam.
22. Now that the semester is over, I‘m going to take a trip.
23. Since Monday is a holiday, we don’t have to go to work

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