Monday, October 26, 2015

THE WRITING PROCESS: Builing Paragraph


Supporting details in a paragraph can be arranged in several ways. Chronological order places events in the order in which they happened. Spatial order describes how objects might appear to an observer. Compare/contrast order shows similarities and differences among the items you are writing about.

The first of the following paragraphs illustrates the use of chronological order; the second, spatial order; and the third, compare/contrast order.
We arrived in New York at 5:05, just in time for rush hour. It was 6:15 by the time our cab driver inched his way to our hotel. We had just enough time to scramble out of the taxi and run to our rooms to get ready. We wanted to be there when the curtain opened at 7:00
When we flew into New York I was surprised to see the layers and layers of tall buildings on what seemed loke such a tiny island. As I hailed a cab, I became instantly aware of the crush of people and cars and buses jockeyed for position. I was anxious to get to my hotel room where I might find a few minutes of solace behind a closed door.
Some people describe New York as a city with the best and worst of everything. It has some of the world’s top artists, most successful businesses, and most impressive museums, but it’s also overcrowded, expensive, and has a high rate of crime. Most people say they either love or hate the city of New York. Few visitors leave the city without forming any opinion at all.

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