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Outlining is a way to organize your information before you begin writing. In the prewriting stage you gather information and generate ideas. Outlining gives you a way to structure those ideas. One way to make an outline is to transfer information from your prewriting material to index cards. You can then arrange the cards by main topic and supporting details. In an outline, use roman numerals to indicate main topics and use capital letters for subtopics. Under each subtopic, list details using regular numbers and lowercase letters. If you divide a topic into subtopics, always use at least two subtopics. Part of an outline for a report on Renaissance figures might look like this:

  1. Renaissance artists
A.    Leonardo da Vinci
1.    Born 1452 in Vinci, Italy
2.    Artist, scientist, and inventor
3.    Major artistic achievements
a.    Mona Lisa
b.    Last Supper
c.    Adoration of the Magi
B.    Michelangelo
1.    Born 1475 in Arezzo, Italy
2.    Painter, sculptor, and architect
3.    Major artistic achievements
a.    Sistine Chapel
b.    The Pieta
  1. Renaissance philosophers

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