Monday, October 26, 2015



After completing a piece of writing, you may want to share your work with others. You can begin thinking about your presentation as early as the prewriting stage when you define your audience. The nature of your writing will affect how and where you might present your writing.

An outlet for presenting your writing to a specific audience is called a market. As a twelfth-grade student several markets are available to you. Some of these markets may be related to school, such as school newspapers and classroom presentations. Others might be in your community, such as local organizations and community newspapers. Other markets include contests sponsored by magazines or special-interest publications and newsletters. The Market Guide for Young Writers, available in many libraries, will provide many ideas for marketing your work.
To decide how to present your writing, first analyze the piece and pinpoint the audience. Then search for an outlet that serves that audience. Some outlets, such as classroom presentation, radio programs, community productions, or speech contests offer a chance to give oral presentations. In these cases, visual aids may enhance your presentation.

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