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Educational Background
-       Oct. 2012, “Teacher Education: Exploring Own Practice” 6th National TEFL, 2nd Mongolia TESOL Conference, organized by ELTAM
-       Dec. 2011, “Express Publishing Festival” organized by Express Publish /15 academic hour/
-       June-July, 2009, the 45-day CAE training course for TESOL Organized by Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, Mongolia, and “Golden Bridge”
-       June 2009, the 3-day teaching method training, organized by the English Language Institute.
-       2006-2008, Degree of Master of Educational Studies in English from school of Foreign Languages, Mongolian State University of Education, E20081375.
-       Nov. 2005-Jun. 2006, the 8- session training course “Methods of Teaching English.” Sponsored by the Embassy of the United States of America, Ulaanbaatar.
-       2000-2004, Bachelor of Arts in English interpretation and Tourism management from “Bridge International College”, D200405446-GPA: 3.83.
-       1997, 43 High School, Ulaanbaatar, Certificate No. 9718840.


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